Pepakura - Weekend Projects

by Linnor

Cutting the parts to their exact sizes was therapeutic, I discovered. It's my favorite part in doing these "pepakura" projects because my fingers were quite big to make the paper heads or the hands perfect.

After finishing 4 characters, we all became more adept. Each succeeding project took a shorter time to make and each piece looked better than the last.

So imagine hubby and 13 yo Kyle cutting the paper pieces and me taping and pasting the parts together. That's pretty much how our weekend at home was spent. Geeky but cool!


  1. They look good, and a geeky weekend sounds nice

  2. Thanks Kim! I don't mind being geeky too. Hehehe.

  3. Oh paper dolls! Sort of like 35 years ago? You still love playing with them pala? :) hahahah

  4. hahaha.... this time no barbies for me but dc and marvel superheroes. :D

  5. hi linnor,

    to help out with the small parts and hard to reach areas, you could use tweezers (the flat ones) to hold them together while the glue dries. :D

    spread the papercraft love! <3


  6. hi jo, that's a great tip! di ko naisip. hahaha... thanks thanks!!!


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