The Heavens Conspired

by Linnor

There was no plan. I know, now is certainly not the best of times for most of us to be splurging. But it couldn't be helped. :) Not when the universe and heavens conspire to make something happen.

To make the long story short, our 2 year old car was appraised at a really good price which enabled us to pay off the existing financing on it. The deal left us with enough to spare, to get a replacement car with a very minimal increment on our monthly dues. It's literally like exchanging our old car for a new one without breaking the bank.

The deal was sweetened even more with the 30% downpayment being stretched to 4 months interest free, without us asking for it. Jerry was just blown over. Haha! Men... Men and their toys.... :D

So this morning, just before lunch, and after getting the boys from school, we drove it to Redemptorist Church, just like we did in 2007 with our Carens.  We had it blessed and we gave thanks to the greatest Provider for giving us the means to acquire it. Indeed, just like what my brother said in this post, we could never outdo His generosity.



  1. woohoo! congrats on your new car!

  2. thanks jo! :) we're all impressed with its performance. :D

  3. Your new car looks sleeker and sturdier but Carens was bigger and could accommodate more! Baka hindi tayo magkasiya pagdating namin diyan last week of October. What do you think?

    But no problem, we will just take a cab!

  4. Yahoo! Terno na tayo. Titanium silver nga lang amin kasi mas type ni Melf ang red interiors...
    GOD is really good.

  5. hi paparazzi, we don't need a car that could accommodate more. wala namang sumasakay sa 3rd row everyday. :P we love the sporty 5-seater we now have.

    hi arlene, di carry ni jerry ang red interiors pero he sure loves everything about it, even the houndstooth design ng seats :) i love driving it too. :)

  6. bakit mo nibura ang blog mo na moonlight ba yun? pede mo naman sya i-import dito sa blogger..sayang naman...

  7. hi jodi. di ko sya nibura. it was deleted by google/blogger :( di ko na sya makita sa dashboard ko so i created a new one.

  8. ey I am happy for you.. kame we're still hoping that for a good settlement for the car.. and hopefully we can get a bigger one.. ang dami na namin.. di na kame kasya sa kotse ni cata :)

    Thanks for dropping by.. naku Cata is really proud.. post agad sa facebook hihi


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