Priorities, Priorities

by Junnie

These days provide some time for me to take stock and set my priorities straight. No, its not the dreary dark skies enveloping Ortigas Centre as I write this but really, it is maybe the current state of mind that I have. You see for some reason, God played a big joke when He sent us over the Philippines for a major assignment and in an apparent stroke of usual Divine blessing, He gave us more. I sometimes remember, more often forget that one can never outdo God with His provisions. I always wanted to make an impact in an organization and see it through excellence in operations, profitability and with the employees never working a single day, enjoying every minute at work. God just gave me that and more. I almost have a magic wand and can set the pace of the company in Manila we set up 8 years ago, a day before 9/11. So now I have twin assignments, twin blessings. So how can you say "no" to what He has given you. So I work and play in one day. I pray that I can balance both worlds. For now, it's been an enjoyable ride. I hope it lasts forever.


  1. AMEN! I hope it lasts forever too! :)

  2. bakit anong hindi maglalast forever?

  3. well, the work is not forever, as I am interim. The play is for some time until the playmate grows up faster than usual. So, this ride is ok for now :)

  4. Make the most and the best that you can do while you are there knowing that in this world nothing is permanent but CHANGE!

    But of course, always a change for the better!

    Hope Angel Gabe will serve as your inspiration.


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