Weekend in SG

by Linnor

It was a quick decision, the impulse to buy the ticket and join my brother Junnie on a short trip to Singapore to visit sis May and her family.  The heavens conspired and my usually hectic schedule seemingly cleared up to make way for the trip.

Not counting the numerous reunions we had in Manila or Cebu, this trip was the second time we were out of the country in the company of each other.  And what's amusing of all, this was the first time we were together without the usual petty squabbles we used to have during younger years.  Well, there was one minor incident where I found myself running the length of Orchard road to beat the time to redeem my GST.  Hehe...

The whirlwind weekend was filled with food binging on roti prata, chili crab, laksa and Asian fusion food delicacies.  Gastronomic delights in between sightseeing, shopping and just being with each other truly made for a great get-together of sorts.

Looking forward to the next one... hopefully, really soon!

Lunch at Popeye's
May, Rommel, Zia, me, and Junnie


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