There's Only One Bling Bling For Me : My SiBLINGs

by Junnie

There is no other treasure I consider my own. Except my 2 sisters. Naks. But seriously I am as happy for them for their families and their children's achievements. You see we only spent 22 years together in one house, for May it was even less. I feel bitin about those number of years. Despite all the ruckus and the disagreements, those moments were fun. Nowadays, we cherish the moments we are together and the times that we can be all free for a webcam or a skype conversation. Here's looking forward to more sibling revelry this year and for the years to come. (Picture above was taken from Picture City at Market Market. We were all smiles despite the weird setting, and the potential of a flaky dinner) :) Remember this day?


  1. I remember. See you in December and let's have a different pose with the people not in this photo.

  2. aww... sweet...

    this year we'll definitely need to have a new family portrait especially with the precious "additions" :)

  3. @May - definitely Rommel should be in these pictures.

    @Linnor - let's set this up as early as next month.

  4. next month? ang aga naman. parang ang daming kailangang gawin..hehe kailangan na talagang bumili ng ticket. hahaaay

  5. Next month - to reserve a studio :) ikaw naman...para sure.

  6. aaaw, sweet naman. nice pics too :)

  7. my greatest treasure is my family also


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