Maayo Argao

2021-01-02 Our wanderlust took us to Argao, about 3 hours away in the south of Cebu City...

This road trip was a result of an impulsive decision to push through despite the heavy rain forecast from our weather app.  We were immensely glad we drove out to see the place for the first time, because it turned out to be a really nice day, though very windy. 

It took us 3 hours each way on good roads passing through picturesque coastal towns,  so it didn't feel long.  Plus, upbeat music, vegan chicharon and Chowking chao fan with beef siomai lunch kept us occupied. 😁

Maayo is a small seaside hotel without a beach (just a pool and a restaurant), but the way it was structured and laid out gives you a lovely vista of the sea.  Whatever it lacked in amenities was compensated by the view, fresh air and lovely nooks and crannies for those perfect Instagram or FB shots.


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