May 09, 2020 at 11:32PM

2020-05-09 She looks charming in her pink top with cowl neckline. Mama is 81 years old, and her subtle Castilian fine features are still unmistakable. I took this photo last December during one of our salad lunches. I usually treat her and Pa out a few times a week to wean her off the casino. The latter is her guilty pleasure.

Nowadays, Ma spends most of her time in her room with Pa and her carer. Her daily schedule includes listening to live mass, the rosary, 1950-60s classic songs or praise songs. I recently filled her private FB profile with links to everything she loves to listen to. And as we have observed, her doing that greatly helped minimize her bouts of mood swings. Instead of her berating Pa for his cheesy jokes or for spending too much time on his phone, she is preoccupied with hers.

On Mother’s Day, I wish Mama a healthy long life. May God continue to bless her with more cheerful days and less grouchy ones (peace, Ma!). We may not be able to do our usual afternoon trip to Oakridge for salad or the salon anytime soon due to quarantine restrictions, but I would love to indulge her with her favorite junk food treats at home. And God-willing, I look forward to having her around for much longer and watching her listening to her favorite music.

I love you, our feisty Ma! I know in your own way, you tried  to be the best mother you could ever be and took care of us the best possible way you can.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! ♥️ via Tumblr


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