March 19, 2020 at 08:20PM

2020-03-19 “This incident spread all over the barrio before noon as the lasses went home and recounted the incident to their parents.

I tried this act one more time a few weeks later. To my discomfiture, some of the laundrywomen in the spring were married women and instead of fleeing from the scene, they stood up with their palo-palo (a small wooden paddle used for beating the clothes clean) and threatened to strike me with it.

They chased me away and I narrowly escaped whacking.”
As read aloud by my son, Jake (leftmost in the photo with his elder brothers), from the memoirs of his great grandfather, my maternal Lolo Peping Sering. This was one of the things I requested him to do during the quarantine period.

Cebu Community Quarantine: Day 4 (03-19) #reminiscences_of_govjosesering 3rd of a series of excerpts from the book “Reminiscences” via Tumblr


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