March 18, 2020 at 08:25PM

“Oya Mesiang was slightly dark-skinned. Apart from Mama Lilang, she was the nicest, sweetest, self-effacing and gentle woman I ever knew.

She loved her grandchildren so much that she maintained a mini piggery, designating one pig to be slaughtered during each of our birthdays or when we came home during vacations.

Her pigs were then named after us: Meding, Tonieng, Peping and Goding.”

Jake read aloud from the memoirs of his great grandfather, my maternal Lolo Peping Sering, before I let him enjoy his game on his laptop. This was one of the things I requested him to do during the quarantine period.

Cebu Community Quarantine: Day 3 (03-18) #reminiscences_of_govjosesering 2nd of a series of excerpts from the book “Reminiscences” via Tumblr


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