November 01, 2018 at 08:28AM

The decades preceding the age of 50 are generally all about building a career, a business or a nest egg, nurturing a marriage, getting into or out of a relationship, raising kids, caring for parents.

Now that I’m 51, things seem to propel forwards at such a velocity that kids are flying the coop. Hospital visits are getting a bit more frequent. Planning for retirement and estate are concurrent. Things are happening so fast, yet I find myself slowing down and sometimes unable to keep up. Clearly, I am transitioning to the next phase we call midlife.

Sometimes, in a woman’s life, transition feels like a crisis. It is even more compounded by the onset of hormonal changes that bring about anxiety, the blues, frozen shoulders, and chin hair.

So, what will age 51 bring? Will I find a renewed sense of purpose and passion? Will I become more comfortable and confident in my skin? Will I figure out what my legacy will be?

Time will come when I may be confronted by thoughts about my own mortality or the physical limitations of life when I’m not as limber as before (so long yoga twists and headstands). However, the good thing is I no longer grapple with insecurity: career-wise, relational, financial… physical. No more second-guessing things because as they say and I read somewhere that “The good thing about getting older is the benefit of hindsight.” 😊

Gone are the days of school runs, because eldest son now does it for our youngest boy. No more beating deadlines for tuition fee payments, because two of three kids are now working. Harried mornings are now replaced by slow lunches. Late nights out are not as enticing anymore. Taking family trips or relaxing staycations are more appealing now.

My new normal is waking up ahead of the alarm clock, saying my prayers, doing my counted steps, having oatmeal for breakfast, slathering myself with moisturizing and mood-enhancing essential oils (shameless plug) after a shower, and getting ready for the day ahead.

Come to think of it, if this is going through midlife, then I most definitely welcome the journey. The transition may be overwhelming at times, but I’d rather look at it as a lifestyle reboot. via Tumblr


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