November 08, 2017 at 11:54PM

110817 This photo was taken during the Make and Take session we had at Vanille. It was conducted by a classmate and friend of mine from high school. . I’ve been an essential oil user since August of 2016. I bought a kit primarily to make my peri-menopause symptoms more manageable… because…50! I had frozen shoulder, heart flutters, hot flashes, anxiety and panic attacks, etc. To make the story short, now most of the symptoms are not as bothersome as before. Plus I also noticed my immune system has improved markedly. I guess the shift to this non-traditional and more natural approach helped. I couldn’t recall the last time I reached for fever, cold/cough or headache meds. Thank goodness! . Like kids with loot bags, we ended up bringing home chemical free foaming soap, linen spray, deodorizer and cleaner using essential oils. All DIY! I realized I could ditch store bought chemically laden products for the ones we made. It was actually easy to do. I’m looking forward to more sessions like this… PM me if you want an invite 😜 via Tumblr


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