Acting in his blood? :)

It was quite an experience for Jake to be invited to shoot a video for Amonsagana, a high-end real estate project in Cebu. We were hesitant to do it, even up to the day of the appointed time. The only thing going for us was the thought that it was Jake's school break and he was excited to do it.

It took two long days to do the scenes. And being new to this, we could hardly imagine how it would turn out. The work put together by everyone on the set was remarkable. For people to envision the finished product while shooting the short scenes over and over in different angles and vantage points using a crane or a drone, I salute the creative minds behind the camera.

Two days of running around between costume changes, the rushing to catch the perfect daylight, the driving to Balamban or Cantipla and back, the revisions, the retakes... it was exhilarating to be in the middle of it all. And all that for a 5 minute clip. Haha.

Whether this clip ends up on tv or stays as AVP for the company is beside the point. The whole thing was a unique experience for Jake, his Pa and me and I have new found respect for the people in front of or behind the camera, who enjoy doing the craft.

So here, have a look.

2015 Amonsagana from Linnor Rapes on Vimeo.


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