Taking care of Kobe

We just came from a 6-day trip out of town and had to leave our pet dachshund for a couple of days with a caregiver.  While away, we worried from time to time if our pet Kobe was getting cared for the way we expect him to be.  
While it's likely that the caregiver strokes our dog from time to time and hopefully, may even clip his nails too, it can be a hassle to do a deep clean. Not only does it take a lot of effort to give a dog a sudsy bath, it takes special products too to help with grooming. Luckily, we can get an extensive grooming done at a local pet grooming center.  Plus, looking into the various services offered at pet salons can help one pick and choose the care needed for the little one.  

I've recently come across some helpful tips in caring for our pet in between trips to the pet salon.  Read on...

Reduce Shedding
Before your dog is given a bath to leave a fresh scent and shining coat, you may want to get any loose hair removed. This is as easy as choosing a shed reducing treatment that works by removing the undercoat. The finished result ensures that your dog will shed less and that their coats condition is greatly improved.

Trimming Nails
Keeping your dog's nails properly trimmed can be a challenge, even if you regularly walk them on rough surfaces such as sidewalk and asphalt. Although trimming your dog's nails on your own can be done, you'll want to look into getting their nails trimmed by licensed groomers instead so you don't struggle.

Exploring the different services offered by browsing this website can help you select the grooming services that fit your dog best and will leave them looking their best.

This weekend, our Kobe will have his day at the salon for some pampering and for him to have his regular check-up as well.  


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