2014-1229 Escaped Seniang

We heard from the news that typhoon Seniang was forecast to hit Bohol on the 30th. This was the same day of our scheduled Cebu-Manila flight for our clan reunion. It was the 29th and I worried we might encounter problems with our flight being delayed or eventually being cancelled due to bad weather, so hubby and I decided to reschedule the flight for that same day. Fortunately PAL had seat allocation for four redeemed tickets. Yes! With very little time between packing, leaving our pet Kobe at the pet hotel for a week and getting to the airport before check-in, it was a relief for our party of five to make it in time for the flight.

Despite the short notice, Pa and Ma happily met us at the airport. With hubby taking over the wheel from Pa, we sped to Makati, our first stop. Amazingly, there was no traffic... at all!!! We were able to see the magical Christmas lights display at the Ayala Triangle. We managed to get a table, despite the peak season, for a lovely dinner at Fely J which our eldest son paid for. Thumbs up for our working boy who just started work last November! He is not on our expense list anymore. Haha! Just kidding. Going back... Even after a filling meal, we still had room for Manila Pen's dark choco fondue. Oh, yum!

What a night! Leaving Cebu a day early proved to be a wise decision.


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