Weekend's over...


The weekend just zipped by, it seems, but we had a lot of mini activities done.  Last Friday was the special mass for the death anniversary of my hubby's father.  After which, we were invited to an al fresco buffet dinner hosted by my generous BIL, T, at the poolside of the club.  The lovely dinner under the stars with my in-laws was the highlight of my day.  We all live for family moments like this, don't we?  Oh, the food was great too and worthy of mention...  No wonder there were a lot of member families that night.  

Saturday was the report card distribution at our youngest son's school.  After last quarter's failed Math periodical test that gave him an 81 grade in the card and cost him a slot in the honors list, our boy redeemed himself this time.   He got a third honor certificate for 2nd quarter, became the 8th in his section (38 students in his class) and the only boy on the roll.  Yay!  

Sunday morning was general cleaning time as we already heard anticipated mass the day prior.  By lunch, we were at my mother-in-law's place for potluck lunch.

Save for the headache over Globe's iPhone 6 lemon handset, the plan 1799 brouhaha and SIM activation issues where I spent hours on 211,  I say we still had a lovely weekend.   :)


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