What used to be a bed...


With very limited space in the house, we try to keep our furniture sparse.  Back in January, when we had to furnish a property that an American couple wanted to rent, we moved a few pieces there, including our living room couch.  That was when I thought of converting the boys' beds into daybeds for the living room and the tiny tv/guest room. In their room, a built-in bed was customized instead.

Normally, I would use a white sheet or our abel Iloko blanket to cover the cushion/ mattress.  However today, while changing pillow covers, I thought of using the bed's original twin-size fitted sheet (in blue) in place of the usual.  I mixed in some bright pillows too.  A similar material was used for the bed in the tv room just to tie the look with the rest of the house.  It turned out okay for my taste, fairly easy to do and very budget-friendly.  I am glad that aside from our sons' beds, I could repurpose the bedsheets as well. :)

Below are old photos of how the beds looked like two years ago, and when it was repurposed last December.

Lahug House Lahug House Last day of school for 2013 and still cramming for 6 tests at 5am!


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