May 2, 2014

Peace, Love and Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's ice cream claims that they make the best possible ice cream in the nicest way possible... Their history mentions about how 2 guys named Ben and Jerry (of course, lol) started their ice cream business in 1978 from a renovated gas station at Burlington in Vermont.  They have grown by leaps and bounds since their humble beginnings.   

On that Tuesday of April 29 we were at Burlington, Vermont, the clouds made way for the sun.  Such a perfect backdrop for an ice cream tour.  Lol.  And we were at the Ben & Jerry's headquarters to take a look at how this premium ice cream was being made.  Based on their short company presentation during the tour, they seem to be walking their talk.  Because of their product, economic and social mission statements of providing quality ice cream using business practices that care for the earth, the enivronment, their employees and stakeholders, I now have a new found respect for their ice cream. :) 

waiting for the museum/factory to open
keeping busy :)

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