Looking for value for their limited shopping money


Days before we left for Canada, I learned that our older sons saved some of their meager college allowance so they could buy a few things during our vacation.  My heart ached a bit knowing that they were doing it on their own because they probably didn't want to burden us with their expenses.  

Looking back, there really wasn't a time they demanded for expensive stuff.  As young kids, they were content with whatever we bought for them or with whatever were given them as gifts.  They were even grateful for hand-me-downs from older cousins.  Thinking about it now, I feel like tearing up, because seriously, it's common for kids or teens these days to "keep up with the Joneses" or assert their feeling of entitlement.  *Sigh*

On the day we left, while they were excited about the vacation and their upcoming shopping trip, their Pa and I decided to let them in on a secret.  So they could buy stuff that are on sale but are pricey to buy from Manila or Cebu, their Pa and I gave them a small "pittance" each.  

The look on their faces was priceles! :D


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