Thawing at Mountsberg

The temperature the past days in Milton, Toronto seemed like winter.  Each day that I checked, I gasped... A single digit high is certainly chilly and almost no match for the flimsy layers that we brought with us.  I guess it's just me and my unfamiliarity with cold weather.  There were instances I thought this was the perfect time my hot flashes should be acting up.  LOL


After the Easter Sunday mass, my brother brought all of us to Mountsberg Conservation Area where his son and my youngest hunted for "easter eggs" and watched a presentation about birds of prey (which they had in captivity).  The younger ones had fun with that while the older ones had a wonderful time just being there, watching the kids giggling, and heartily munching on junk food.  This was totally far better than being in malls back in Cebu or being cooped up in my brother's house wishing it were spring. :D


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