Vanity, thy name is woman!

My father would always joke "Vanity, thy name is woman!", a different twist to Shakespeare's line in Hamlet, when he sees Ma or me shopping and finding it difficult to choose which color to get and almost always ending up with 2 or more (only if budget permits or when there is a sale going on).  Sometimes, I would feel guilty for a bit and at other times I would just laugh it off.

I'm sure it is the same with most ladies when it comes to buying clothes, a bag or a pair of shoes.  If the price is what we are willing to pay for, we cave.  

Last year, M and I met T at a bazaar and found her items very affordable and of good quality.  I can't even believe I could use "affordable" and "good quality" in the same sentence, but that is what we feel about the bespoke clothes we buy from her.  These are the reasons we keep going back to her shop.  I've gone several times and even referred clients to her.  It is sort of addicting.  

The great thing is, we took the seller-client relationship to another level and decided to go out for a ladies' night as well.  Thus, we met for dinner at Circa 1900 with all of us wearing T's creations.  It was a lovely time!

Looking forward to the next.

Oh, and because I don't need to break bank to get me a bespoke dress or top, Pa can say his line about vanity without me having any buyer's remorse this time. LOL


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