His "borrowed" office for this morning...


Because of the company's work-from-home set-up in Cebu, hubby does his work practically anywhere.  Most of the time when he is not traveling, he is working at home.  In fact, he has claimed the boys' room as his office.  The sons are away to college anyway.  At other times, he would be at a coffeeshop or at his sisters' restos whenever our youngest son and I have our own appointments/errands in the mall.  Then we would just meet up for snacks, lunch or dinner.

This morning, we accompanied our son to his swim class at the club.  Courtesy of my sis-in-law's membership, we could stay and enjoy the peace and quiet by the pool at La Veranda.  Food is okay and reasonably priced too.

As hubby and I enjoyed a good and filling brunch, I happily made a mental picture of the moment. The sun was out.  There was a slight breeze.  The only sounds we could hear were from the chirping birds, the rhythmic splashing of Jake's legs against the water and the Level 42 music in the background...




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