Grilled cheese sandwich and a carafe of fresh orange, lemon, lime and chamomile tea

This breakfast spread is perfect for the sunny weather this morning.  It is day 5 of Jake's swim class and I sit here tapping away on my iPad.  I'm having a lovely "me" time.


I remember having an exchange of text messages with Ma just recently.  These were lengthy compositions that were actually better said than typed.  Haha.  Such is Ma that when she's bored, she prefers to text than to call.  

The tone of her messages started out with the usual hellos and the customary updates.  Then it progressed to her expressing out her feeling of sadness or disappointment over things that happened before, or are happening now.  This is not unusual.  Ma is the type who sees things another way.  That's her nature.

After that exchange, I was left with some of my own realizations...  Things that I would normally put at the back burner have surfaced.  Even with the best intentions, Ma and I have different views on a lot of matters.  I have come to accept that.  Because unlike orange, lemon and lime that blend into a beautiful citrusy infusion (I just had to tie this post with that photo. Hehe), Ma and I are poles apart when it comes to conducting our family and personal affairs, in making decisions, and in setting priorities.  Sometimes I ask myself, "How can a fruit fall so far from the tree?"

On hindsight, it was good that we were able to air out our thoughts without bickering.  Lol.  Quite pleasant that it was a feat in itself.  :)


  1. Hi Ms. Linnor! I actually missed you from the BC Bloggers. Anyway, this post gives me an insight about standing on my own principles and living in my own decisions instead of following the shadow of someone else.


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