Apr 5, 2014

Got invited to a property launch

dinner with good friends

The launch of the newly completed property amenities area was a gathering of brokers, unit owners and prospective clients.  With the new outdoor facilities now in place (clubhouse, gym, basketball court, pool, etc.), it sure ups the value of the 2-bedroom condo in case we decide to unload.  

On the other hand, it is great to know that in the event hubby and I become empty-nesters and decide to downsize when the boys move out (sigh...), we own a decent space where hubby and I could live.  It is modest in size and compact enough to easily maintain.  And it's a short drive from where we need to go.   

It is good to plan for things but thinking about having a place for hubby and me and becoming empty-nesters in the medium-term kinda gives me mixed thoughts though. :)

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