This is when his mind wanders in between grade 3 math practice problems

Our youngest boy, he would busily scribble on reused paper while waiting for me to finish writing down some equations for him to solve.  

I believe this is pretty much the same scenario in school after a seatwork or a test, before the end of a class period.  He would be hunched over his armchair doodling instead of going over his answers.  And among his errors, what would normally get my goat are the skipped numbers! Totally preventable if he would just take the time to recheck.  *Sigh*

Last night, I shook my head as I tried to stop myself from telling him off...  (breathe-in, breathe out).  He maneuvered his pencil dexterously you'd think he's tracing or copying something that's right in front of him.  Quite a sight.  In fairness, I say, my 9yo could draw pretty well though. :P 

If only he could focus on his school work the same way as he does when drawing...  Hmmm...  


  1. Kids will be kids. I used to draw a lot as a kid as well. I took Fine Arts eventually LOL

    1. yes karl. i do see some potential here. :)


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