He used to sign his autograph on the kids' hands


I would occasionally see him walking at the grand lobby where kids would flock to him to get his hand, say "hi" or regale him with their stories. He would flash a big smile and would proceed to engage them in small talk, pretty much like how a doting grandfather did.  Heartwarming. Just seeing that gave me the impression of how kids were drawn to his gentle persona.

The two photos above were from a teacher-friend and the one on the upper left shows our son standing with wide open mouth next to Bro. Tremblay and other kids. What an honor, my son probably thought. I remember sometime ago, my grader ran to me to show me a signature on his palm. He requested me to take a picture of it, like it came from a celebrity, before it got erased. He excitedly told me it was Bro. Tremblay's. :)

With Bro. Tremblay's passing, his endearing qualities would truly be missed.  His handwritten signature may be long gone but his memory would surely remain for the kids whose lives he has touched.


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