Dinner with a view where it's several degrees cooler


We were treated to dinner by Achie and her sons at the Lantaw Native Restaurant, which is located high up in the mountains of Busay, Cebu.  After negotiating the winding mountain road and steep approach by car and then on foot, you see the resto perched on top with a lovely view of the city.  The best time to be here is before sunset when one can enjoy a sweeping vista of the city below just before the lights come on. 

We enjoyed the native food while a relaxing Matt Bianco tune wafted in the air. The weather here is cool, pretty much like Tagaytay's, which makes it perfect for the holidays and for escaping the city's year-round beach weather. It was a first visit for me and probably not the last.  Good food and cool weather within a short drive away are just a few of the many things I love about Cebu.


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