A pot of poinsettia


This came from Bukidnon... and could be bought for a couple of hundred a pot. :)

They say this will turn green after the cold months.  The challenge is if I could make it bloom in red again next year.  We'll see...  Looks like a bit of work. LOL

Below is what I got from the internet:

"Q How can I force my poinsettia to bloom?

A Poinsettias are woody tropical perennials that require 14 hours of complete darkness each day for 6-8 weeks before flowering. Growers can use this response to time when the plants will bloom by covering the greenhouses or benches with light excluding cloth. Even the light of a flash light during the dark period will keep the plants from responding.

Starting tin October, be sure your poinsettias receive 14 hours of darkness each night to have flowers for the holidays. Flower buds are usually set in October under natural day lengths in Florida. When planting outside in the landscape, make sure to choose a site that will not receive light from artificial sources, like streetlights or light from windows at night, as this will disrupt the dark period and keep your poinsettia from flowering or delay flowering."


  1. Beautiful poinsettia! That reminds me of the poinsettia plant my mother had in the dormitory when she's still working. I always look forward to seeing it turn red. If only uso na selfie noon then I would have photo of it to show :)

    Mommy Maye

  2. Where in Bukidnon Sis? Taga dun kasi ako, I love poinsettia and the color is beautiful

  3. This is one of the plants i want to have at home. I must start planting this one so next year it will be set and ready to bloom. Thanks for the tip by the way.

  4. Wow, we've never had real poinsettias before. They look beautiful!

  5. Just be careful with the leaves, my daughter and son learned in their class that they are harmful.

  6. We have poinsettias all over Baguio and you will love the burst of colors during this season because this is also the time when sunflowers bloom. the one in your picture I guess is hybrid, because our poinsettias here are practically bushes, some taller than a person. I do buy the hybrid ones in pots during Christmas, but they tend to wither and die after the christmas season even if you take good care of it. the willd poinsettias though just literally grow wild and would grow through cuttings. Here is how it looks: http://www.mommyunwired.com/2012/11/good-to-grow-nurturing-inner-you_18.html - the leaves are smaller


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