Putting on my caregiver hat


He caught a nasty virus a few days into the third grading period.  It's the kind that renders him lethargic during the day and restless during bedtime.  His dry phlegm makes his voice raspy, plus it makes it difficult for him to breathe , which annoys him and tends to make him a bit bratty.  So to keep me from flaring up at his whining or little demands, this is one of the few times he would be allowed to watch tv for hours... Ok, but no ipad and no mobile games on iphone...just tv.  That's this caregiver's order.


  1. Aw. I hope he's okay na. My son has colds and cough. Malamig na naman kasi, season na naman ng cough and colds.

    1. yes, plus the changing weather too... he's now ok. thanks mayette! :D


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