Now on display for the 2nd year

These lanterns were bought last year from a sidewalk vendor. We requested him to mount each on a bamboo pole and to wire light bulbs inside. After a thorough dusting, I'm amazed they still look good as new.

They may be simple yet these Pinoy "parols" remind me of my childhood and Christmases in Las Pinas.


  1. Nice. The decors look simple yet they create an impact.

  2. Love the colors of your home. That front door looks so elegant. I bet you have a very big house.

    1. thanks jhari! we could actually use a bigger house. hehe... ours is modest-sized.

  3. Ang ganda! They look simple yet elegant saka Pinoy na Pinoy ang dating. We put our Christmas lights too but some lights are not working. Daddy will check them again this weekend.

    Mommy Maye


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