Happy Birthday Uncle Doc!


The birthday celebrator turned 50 and we were there to mark the milestone with his family.  He is almost 4 years older than me. He is my Pa's cousin, so that makes him my uncle. His daughters are slightly younger than my sons, his youngest being 5 years old.

Upon hearing this, my 20 year old son exclaimed: "I should make 'mano' Sabi's hand!?!" mano - is a sign of respect to bring the back of the hand of an elder to one's forehead.  Hehe... awkward, but how do you deal, right? LOL

In our clans, both hubby's and my side, it is common to have uncles or aunts who are the same age or even younger than their nephews or nieces. I guess this scenario is not unusual for big families where the youngest sibling is almost the same age as the kids of the eldest or older sibling. Hmm. Perfectly normal except that addressing younger relatives as aunt/uncle, or older relatives as nephew/niece can actually be confusing at times...  It's easier to go by their first names.


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