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Though we are busily preparing for the unwanted arrival of super typhoon Yolanda who is currently tracked to have entered the Philippine area of responsibility (PAR), I didn't forget it's Throwback Thursday.  Haha!  This is the time I imagine to hear the voice of my eldest son saying "hmm, shallow".


As one of my favorite preoccupation these days to pass time, I happened to read back some entries from my old blog. Sharing here a 5yo post and photo which made my day.  I hope it does yours. This was when the sons were aged 15, 12 and 4 years old.

Full text here:

Going out of the bathroom, I ran to the room to avoid getting the laminated floor wet. The sons were there perched on the foot of my bed while watching MTV. Kyle and Jake were in an argument about why Jake changed Kyle’s cellphone ringtone.

“Ah-erm… I’m going to change.” I said, clutching my towel, water from my hair now dripping on the floor. “Hel-lo? Did you boys hear me?”…”I’m in a hurry!”… Nothing. “Excuse meeee”

No reaction whatsoever.

I rummaged my wardrobe cabinet to get some clothes and muttered under my breath “Fine, stay here and see me naked!”

I heard footsteps and saw them gone in a flash.

Hmm… always worked like a charm!


  1. Oh my gosh! So funny! Hahaha! On a more serious note, though, do stay safe and dry in this typhoon.


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