A dose of Bayani Brew after yoga


It's been quite a while since my yoga buddy M and I went to the studio together.  She had to undergo a minor surgery that prevented her from strenuous activities.  So while she was gone, I did my yoga at home.  

Today was the day she went back and just like an old habit, it felt like we didn't skip sessions for a long time.  We went through the sequence like old-timers except that parts of my muscles and joints kinda creaked like a machine that badly needed oiling. When I did my home yoga, I didn't practice the full Ashtanga sequence but would just choose the easier ones, thus, my tightness and slight inflexibilty.  I felt stretched and sore after 2 attempts at headstand.  Ooh.

Still, we had a great sesh.  We've always preferred Ashtanga for the sequence of poses that we have already memorized over the many variations of Vinyasa.  After what felt like a thorough work out, we rewarded ourselves with organic brew, pizza margherita and cornetto. 


  1. You look so happy and rested... so I bet you had a great yoga class. :-)
    Hope you/your loved ones are safe in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
    Sending prayers and blessings your way!

  2. You and your friend look great! Na-inspire na nga ako mag-yoga :D


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