Morning Date With Hubby

(the couple in black, photo from the studio)

Jerry (in black) was one of two men in our ashtanga session this morning (Mon).  The other one (in aqua) was a grade/high school classmate of his.  Hubby is (almost) a year shy of 50, so he and his former classmate were probably the oldest in the studio today.  Hehe!

He claims to be slightly inflexible and finds some poses a strain to his injured knee (torn ligament during a basketball game a long time ago).  To manage his sequence, he does modified poses.  He shuns the headstand because he is under maintenance for hypertension, but he does the milder inversions.  

I find it cool that despite the limitations and other factors that could easily intimidate a person or make one consider something else for fitness, he continues to join me.   For us, it has become a couple thing.  He said he feels good after each session we attend. The way we enjoy eating, he is actually amazed when he loses or at least gets to maintain his weight without going to the gym or engaging in active sports.  He credits yoga for that and for his well-being in general.  

Oh, and before I forget...  Where else can he find himself in a room surrounded
by lean and lithe, not to mention great looking (ahem), women in form-fitting clothes, right?  He actually said he considers himself lucky.


  1. It's great that you both enjoy doing the same things together!


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