Trying To Rock 'Em Shades

I bought this pair online for about 4 USD...  I thought it's cool that it's inexpensive plus this wraps around my existing prescription glasses.

So, how do i look?  Hehe

Nah, don't answer that. LOL


  1. Cool! This is just what I need, instead of having the expensive transition lens that I would probably replace in 2 years...not worth it. Sis, where did you buy this online?

    1. hi aileen! i bought this at :) i hope they still sell it. i bought mine last april :D i also wear this over my transition glasses. works well too.

  2. You look so pretty on that shades, actually with or without shades you are beautiful.

  3. Nice one po. Does it really give HD vision?

    1. thanks allan! it works like a regular shades lang for me because i don't know how hd vision looks like :)


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