Thirty Minutes Early For Lunch With Girlfriends

When I learned that lunch was at Tavolata along A. S. Fortuna St., I immediately planned to leave Lahug an hour before our 12 noon appointed time.  Unpredictable traffic on Gorordo Ave., Salinas Drive, Banilad and Mandaue areas can make me paranoid like that.  Factor in the rains, a sure recipe for a jam and that would just be horrendous.  It turned out to be one smooth quick drive, thankyouverymuch, and I got to the place a good thirty minutes early.  Ha!

Tavolata offers mostly salad, pasta, and pizza.  They have main courses too.  Prices are on the high range, but they have a set lunch for P450 which includes soup, salad, main course and tea or coffee.  Being a first-timer there, that's what I ended up having.  I figured that should give me a taste of several items on their menu.  And incidentally, these turned out to be good, at least for my taste.  

So... after checking out the menu, what is there left to do, right?  Sitting solo in a classy place like this one prompted me to take photos while waiting for my ladies to arrive.

tomato soup

salad and salumi fritata


  1. Hello from a fellow Cebuana. The place looks good. Will visit this one time. :)

  2. wow! the place looks luxurious and the food too =)

  3. It pays to be early, may photo opp din :) Parang ang sarap ng food, soup pa lang panalo na!

  4. And I thought traffic jams are just here in Manila...still, I guess we have it the worst here hehehe...I am just thankful I decided to live a walking distance from the office. What a difference it makes on my stress level lol!


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