Staking A Claim?

I'm not really sure if hubby was unaware of the "thought bubble" prank going on behind his back. He said this was taken during one of their team's Christmas parties in SGV Consulting (Makati) in 1989, one month after I joined the company. Yup, I was fairly new then that they weren't even sure of how to spell my name.

Here's a side story to that... When we became friends, not yet a pair, he would get flustered when I was anywhere near his desk where his stash of office pics was kept. This pic* was his little secret (pala). LOL

*from hubby's old files and posted with his permission (haha!) for Flashback Friday


  1. Sweet memories! I love the innocence and joy they shared in the picture... amazing how time flies and then we hold only precious memories. You are blessed. :-)

  2. Oh my, ang cute! How sweet! Parang highschool lang. I'm sure your husband has to smile whenever he sees this photo. :-)


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