Post-Intrams Lunch

My sis-in-law's resto, Canvas, is running a promo right now and what perfect timing for us to try it out earlier today after the opening of the son's school intrams. We ordered corned beef, pork medallion, herb battered fish, and burger. And one of the dishes was free as part of their promo. Sweet! It was a good deal for us plus, sil also gave us 3 yummy desserts for free! 

 Two thumbs up!


  1. those are delish foods.. by the way did i mentioned before that i admire your family?

    1. aww.. thank you so much rosemarie! i'm humbled by your comment... lunch was yummy indeed and sis-in-law even treated us to desserts :)

  2. haha, i can relate to rosemarie's comment. pwedeng magpa-adopt sa family ninyo for one weekend?:) is this from canvas? sarap naman ng mga food!

    1. haha! pwede! lol

      yes this was at canvad :)

  3. The foods look so sumptuous and the desserts... hmmm yumyum!


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