Posing For Our 9-Year Old Son


The lighting was good and the wall behind us made for a studio-looking background. Why not take pictures while waiting for our dinner at my SIL's resto, right?

The son was in the middle of playing a game on the iPad when he was kinda rudely interrupted. "Could you please take our pictures Jake?", I requested as I handed him my iPhone without waiting for his reply. He gave out a grunt, which I expected, but he obliged. That's our boy. "A few shots, okay Ma?", he replied. "Basta, take as many as you can", I said.

Four shots later, he handed me back my phone. Three out of the four made it to my collage. Not too shabby if I may say so. Hmm...

With the son around to take our pics, who needs "selfies"? :). 


  1. You're a pretty couple. Ha, right, good that you have a son that can readily take your photos! =)

  2. Oo nga, the lighting is good. You and your husband look so flawless! :-)

  3. Both of you look good.. great couple shots.

  4. Initially I thought the photos were taken in a studio. You are a beautiful couple :)

  5. thank you for all your kind comments! GOD bless!


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