Mooncake Shopping At Manila's Chinatown

This is one of the many reminders that my sons are half Chinese and half Filipino with a trace of Spanish... :)


  1. Your sons are handsome young men and they look very happy too. You are truly blessed! :-)

  2. Have you seen the biggest mooncake? A friend of mine posted a photo of it on FB. :)

  3. Speaking of Mooncake, I went to SM yesterday and they have this mooncake festival..

  4. All handsome boys! Dami mong body guards, Linnor! hehehe

  5. nice mix...mestizong Chinese! very handsome! Oh yes, September is mooncake time!

  6. I agree with Eliz, your sons are all so good looking sis. Now I know what the mooncake was all about. Chinese celebration pala yun hehehe!


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