Lunch At Fung's

When M texted to ask if I was free for lunch, I confirmed my availability and immediately thought of where to go.  Then I remembered hubby being curious about this new noodle house along Salinas Drive.  Each time we passed by, we would see the parking area full and we would wonder where these people were going.  Apparently, people were there for Fung's.  I thought M and I should give this a try for our lunch date.

At 1145am, the place wasn't crowded yet.  M and I were ushered to the 2nd level where they had their dining area.  It was a small place with just enough tables and chairs for not too big groups.  Soon, the lunch crowd started trickling in.

After checking out the menu, we decided on their xiao long bao and specialty noodles.  We also ordered pork (I forgot what it was called) and shared a cup of rice.  Except for the pork which we found so-so and a bit on the fatty side, we loved their xiao long bao and noodles.  For what we had, we paid a total of about P350.  Pretty affordable actually...  We'll give this another go soon to try the other items on the menu.  However next time, we'd take our hubbies along. 


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