Full Force At The Grade School Intrams


Thank God for hubby's flight from Manila that got to Cebu on time.  He was able to be at school before the presentation started.  He also saw Jake march as class captain and escort to their class' muse. The family proudly watched him together with his class as they danced onstage.  

By 12noon, Jake's class was judged as the most colorful team. :)


  1. Galing ng timing ng vacation ng two older boys mo, they were able to make it to the little one's school activity. Full force nga :)

    1. true vera. the little one couldn't be happier. :D

  2. Congratulations to Jake's team!! Grade school intrams is always a happy time for me... when he became high school, I was already out of the picture. If I am right, my nephew, Vince was one of the torch bearers for the Intrams (but I forgot his Grade or Year level)... he was the Karter. So interesting that one of the sports for Ateneo De Cebu is Karting... not the usual school sports. Now that my son is now in Cebu, I also have the feeling of being excited whenever he comes home to Zamboanga!


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