Cousins Who Love Sweets

at Gusto for dessert and tea

It's been a while since the three of us (cousins and I) got together for lunch or dinner.  We bump into each other every so often (because Cebu City is that small), but usually with one of us hurrying to school to pick up the kid/s, or in the middle of an errand.  Earlier today was one rare occasion when all three of us got to sit down for a leisurely meal and chika.  We then drove to another place just for dessert and tea.  Time and traffic seemed to cooperate, just lovely...

On another note...

I have no intention to turn this site into a food blog but one might get that impression since my previous posts were about restos I've been to or food I've tried.  It's just that recent lunch invitations from close friends and cousins were timed a few days apart, hence the seemingly endless pics of food and such. Of course there are "dry spells" too when days or even weeks pass without me venturing out of the house except for my daily school runs or intermittent yoga sessions.  That's pretty much how my sabbatical midlife goes.  Perhaps it will be so, until the youngest son could get by on his own or until I decide to join the corporate world again, whichever comes first.


  1. It's okay if your blog is turning into some sort of food blog. I enjoy learning about the pretty places in Cebu! I hope I can visit my relatives again soon. :-)


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