Will Work Out For Food


These mini pancakes from Pancake House were shared with my yoga buddy and cousin M after our hot vinyasa session this morning.  

Verdict: hot vinyasa = two thumbs up, key lime pancakes = waste of P200.


  1. Oh? They're no good? I love their tower of pancakes with orange rinds. So yummy :)

    1. i guess i was pretty much expecting more flavor. it tasted very plain i almost requested for syrup/butter/cream to add more oomph. hehe. maybe it's just me coming from a workout.

  2. Buti na lang you shared the pancakes, less sayang. I love food in Pancake House, in general, but I'll stay away from that one on account of this post. :)

  3. Now I realized I never been to pancake house! Ngeek.. I should try soon.. :)


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