The Time When My Handwriting Is Put To Good Use

Previous answers on activity or test sheets are covered, each sheet is photocopied. Then, where necessary, I rewrite the answer choices (like in the photo above). And ta-da... It's a "new" blank review questionnaire for Jake.  Would you know of a faster way to do this?

I've tried making reviewers from scratch, but it takes me a longer time to do so. I've tried retyping on the computer, but when there are illustrations, I hit a dead end. Erasing previous answers is a no-no, because the papers are collected near the end of the quarter for tallying of scores. Though very tedious, I find it less time consuming for us to cover and reproduce, until we come up with a better alternative.  

Normally, this is done as soon as activity sheets or test papers are returned, so I don't panic and get overwhelmed when preparing for the quarterly tests. While doing it, I get to see where the son is strong and where he needs more help. Then we reinforce with more reading or discussion. However, there are instances when he gets demerits for forgetting to write his name or for not following directions (tsk-tsk). But that's another story worthy of a different post.  

The first quarterly tests are in a few days. And there are at least eight subjects to study for. He is halfway done and hopefully, there is enough time to finish all. Meanwhile, hubby checks the completed papers to see if the son followed directions or didn't forget to write his name.


  1. I also think this is the best way of making a reviewer, Ms. Linnor. Much faster than making one from scratch. You remind me so much of Rose Fausto, the author of Raising Pinoy Boys. :-)

    1. aww... thank you! to be reminded of rose fausto by way of my posts is simply flattering :)


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