The Only Way For Him To Take His Greens

Jake belongs to that group of kids who think they derive their dose of veggies from eating French fries. He is the type who will pick on his food and take out the bits of onion, garlic and tomato. That's how much he doesn't want most of the veggies.  And the only veggies he would eat are squash and eggplant, and only recently, mongo.

I think we just found a way to make him have his veggies. At the food market we go to every Saturday, we came across juiced veggies mixed with fresh fruits.

Today we had stalks of organic "malunggay" (moringa oleifera or horseradish tree) mixed with a couple of fresh oranges.  Luckily, Jake loved it.   This should jumpstart Jake's appetite for leafy greens. We don't mind if it's a bit pricey. It's organic and fresh, and we only have it every Saturday and Sunday as a healthy treat.


  1. I hope this smoothie is available here in CDO I will surely buy one for my little one. I won't mind also if it's pricey as long as he will drink it. :)

  2. malunggay, is a good choice. it contains lots of nutrients.

  3. I agree with Daddy Allan, malunggay is a healthy choice. It is pack with lots of nutrients plus vitamin C and Calcium. Kaya we always include malunggay leaves in our meal as much as possible.

  4. which food market do you usually go to? i really wanna visit one during the weekend but i am such a late riser. hehe. that's an interesting mix for a smoothie.

    1. rose, we go to the food maket at banilad town center every saturday :) the sellers stay the whole day or until their supplies last.


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