SGV Makati

Throwback Thursday

This photo was taken almost 25 years ago during our office party at SGV Makati.  Hubby and I were still single then.

When hubby saw this pic on my Instagram, the first thought he had was about that tie in the picture.  He remembered buying it from St. Michael's for Php800,  at that time when we were making a "whopping" monthly salary of Php4000 each gross of deductions!  LOL

Ah, those were the days.  


  1. Cute pic! You were with SGV pala?

    1. yes marie! i was with the consulting group. i got transferred from audit because my mother was with bir at that time. :)

  2. Ang mahal ng tie! Nagpapaimpress ba sa iyo? ;) Even then, you were already a headturner.

    1. thanks kat! hihihi... nakakabili daw sya kasi mas malaki allowance nya from his mom than his monthly salary. lol.


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