❤ The Smiles And Resilience Of Pinoys


GOD bless our country and the people in this time of need.  Typhoon Maring caused torrential rains in unprecented proportions resulting to widespread flooding in Luzon.

Through it all, the Filipinos go about their day with a smile and heroic display of resilience.

photo reposted from gabvalenciano and wenchie318


  1. I'm praying for everyone safety...Filipino's are truly caring and helpful. Thanks for sharing this photos:)

  2. I hope tumila na ang ulan. Filipinos really still can smile in spite of everything. That makes us unique.

  3. Sabi nga, live your day like there's no tomorrow. :) Nevertheless, my thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Filipinos affected by the continuous heavy rains.

  4. melgie, janz and marielle: i'm glad it's over. the hardwork of cleaning up naman is next. *sigh*
    ok na rin as long as families are safe. :)

  5. Amazing talaga how many of us can still smile and even joke about a depressing situation. But that's the uniqueness in every Filipino. The sea tragedy in Cebu was also very alarming.


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