Getting Ahead Of The Mooncake Festival

Tomorrow is September in some countries, ahead of the rest of the world.  It's the start of the "'ber" months as we say.  This month too happens to be the time for the Mooncake fest, or the Mid-Autumn Festival. For this year, the lunar celebration is officially on Sept. 19.

It's really quite early, but hubby, being Chinese, and I bought a sample of mooncake today.  We'll soon find out if it's any good.  *Excited*


  1. Hello again,
    Yes, I've been AWOL and ... I missed everyone. I love the pictures of the moon cakes above. Would like to try one some day as I don't think I've eaten it before. Thanks for the share. ;-)

  2. Oh yeah! It's September na pala. It only means Christmas is near! I will get some mooncake once I got my pay. :)

  3. it's been more than 10 years already when i last tasted mooncake, kinda miss it and already forget how it taste actually..

  4. We got our mooncake mid August yet. Husband came from Xiamen and he brought home 2 boxes with him. I love mooncake! We had those in tincans in your photo and they were delish!

  5. eof777! welcome back! :)

    tet, whenever september rolls in, my first thought is always christmas din.

    rosemarie/gven-rose, time to try it again this time. hehe...

    meikah, wow, you beat us to it! my fave is the regular lotus with salted egg/s. yumm!


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