Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.


One thing I learned in yoga, you just have to do it to reap its benefits, regardless of how (awkward) you (may) appear.  Nobody's looking, because everybody's working on themselves anyway.  :)  

That pic was during a hot vinyasa class a few days ago in the company of instructors, old-timer yogis and yoginis.


  1. What happened to the guy in blue shorts? :-)

    1. aileen, i guess he decided not to do the pose and just wait for the next :)

  2. i agree with you right there. when i was still attending aerobics classes, at first i was so shy i might not be able to execute the steps properly but later on, i realized that everybody's busy with themselves anyway, nobody would probably notice me. haha! so, i just did what i had to do and worked my way out. btw, i hope i could do yoga do int he near future. you don't looks awkward right there. i think you did better than some. :-)

  3. OO nga naman, everyone else is busy with their own pose to notice how awkward you feel. Also sometimes, though we feel uncomfortable, it doesn't look like that.

  4. Wish I can do this too!

  5. wow, flexible ka siguro.. i wish kaya ko din yan hehe..


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