Ashtanga at Yogahub

It's good that more and more people are engaging in yoga for their fitness regimen. See the pics, even real men do yoga these days! On rare occasions, the only downside is having a lot of attendees in one session. Hehe. I guess it's because it's a holiday today and most found the 830am session the most convenient... not too early and not too late.

Hubby (in blue) and I had a good ashtanga practice and proof of that is the pound of sweat I lost after an hour and a half.



  1. I'd love to try yoga and Pilates too. I really need to strengthen my back muscles.

  2. I want to try yoga but I can't seem to find any spots here in our province. :(

  3. My friend also want to enroll in a yoga session where in super inet naman daw ang peg. I'm not sure what they call it, but it involves heat pressure and it will let you loose weight fast. She's afraid that she might undergo dehydration so she's avoiding it hahaha!

    1. hot yoga? we were able to try that only yesterday and it does make you sweat a lot! labas ang toxins. hehe...

  4. tet and lady ann: i hope you get to try it and see if you'll like it. :)


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